The Blue Economy
Blue economy

For us, a blue economy is made up of marine activities that generate economic value and contribute positively to ecological, cultural and social well-being. Internationally it is recognised that oceans are a fundamental part of solving the planet’s food, energy, and climate challenges, and the marine environment represents vast economic opportunities.

The blue economy is emerging as a global model for sustainable ocean-based business. It’s value is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate over the next decade. Clusters are seen as a smart way to enable development of the blue economy. They have the potential to be major drivers of innovation, productivity and employment growth.

As New Zealand embraces its blue economy potential, Moananui is fostering partnerships between industry, research institutions, government agencies, and communities. This means we can drive real change at scale and pace, transforming Aotearoa New Zealand into a world leader in oceans development.

Credit: BlueInvest, European Commission (2023)

Our guiding lights

Moananui is guided by a set of blue economy principles developed by the Sustainable Seas National Science Challenge. The principles set the foundation of our efforts in a uniquely Aotearoa context and help us reimagine what is possible in the world of sustainable ocean-based innovation. How the principles are applied will evolve and grow over time.

One thing won’t change – we will always place the moana, and people’s relationship with the moana, at our heart.

Blue economy principles developed by Sustainable Seas Challenge

An ocean of opportunity

New Zealand has one of the longest coast lines in the world and the country’s blue economy employs nearly 70,000 people.  As an independent cluster organisation Moananui works as a strategic alliance for maritime innovation and sustainability.  Fostering industry cohesion and meaningful partnerships in order to attract global investment, maximise new opportunities, and accelerate growth.

Moananui is based in Te Tauihu, the country’s hub for blue economy development. The Nelson Tasman region is home to a naturally occurring cluster with more than 400 ocean-based businesses and the largest fishing port in Australasia. With an engaged engineering sector and strong science and technology research base it is the natural headquarters for Moananui.

Moananui is regionally grounded while offering a national centre for blue economy innovation and high value creation.

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