Big ocean.

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Big responsibility.

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Moananui is a blue economy cluster bringing together bold, forward thinking organisations. Together, we are developing New Zealand’s blue economy in new ways that generate economic value, connect people, and improve ocean health.
A thriving marine ecosystem is essential for a thriving blue economy. Moananui’s partners are motivated to be responsible guardians, committed to caring for the ocean, our people and communities that support us.
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The Blue Economy

Deep in the South Pacific, New Zealand is home to one of the largest marine estates in the world. But ocean-based activities currently account for only 3% of GDP. The potential for sustainable economic growth, employment and innovation in the blue economy is vast.
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What People Are Saying

“Growing the blue economy will bring value for all of us . Those wins will be diverse. They're not just about generating revenue but also social and environmental wins as well.”
“We have a real opportunity to position Aotearoa as a world-leading blue economy. It is time to accelerate growth in an intelligent way, as guardians, by coming together and collaborating in new ways” 
“Our oceans have vast, untapped potential to rebalance and reduce our overall impact on the environment. We are excited about what Moananui can achieve, bringing people together to learn to trust each other, collaborate, and create great opportunities.”
“New Zealand is small and that gives us the opportunity to work together. When we can bring together the value of the knowledge that we all hold, whether as an individual or an organisation, that value increases hugely”.
 - Plant & FOOD RESEARCH GM Science, Seafood Technologies
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